Easy Access Colonoscopy

General Practitioners and Specialists can refer patients with uncomplicated medical histories to Colorectal Surgery via, fax or telephone. The patient need only make one trip to the hospital where the patient will be seen by a Specialist and a colonoscopy performed.

How to utilise Easy Access Colonoscopy

Suitable Patients:

  • A positive faecal occult blood test
  • A family history of bowel cancer
  • A prior medical history of carcinoma or polyp and require surveillance colonoscopy
  • The patient must be privately insured or be willing to pay private hospital fees


Patients must be referred by a registered medical practitioner. Referrals need to be faxed to nursing staff at the surgery.

What happens next

Nursing staff will contact the patient direct to work out a suitable time slot to have their colonoscopy and answer any questions the patient may have. Patients will then be sent a set of instructions, a bowel preparation and patient information form via mail. Once they arrive at hospital they will go to a Day Procedure area where the Surgeon will meet with them to discuss their medical condition and their colonoscopy will be performed. Usually an anesthetists will administer sedation during the procedure. Results of the colonoscopy will be sent to the referring doctor and discussed with the patient on the day of the procedure.

Patients will require an initial consultation with a Specialist if

  • There is a language difficulty
  • Unable to readily give consent
  • Requiring a pre colonoscopy opinion
  • Medical comorbidity
  • If the patient requires an opinion as to whether colonoscopy should be performed
  • Unable to bowel prep at home

Other medical condition as follows

  • Diabetes
  • Anticoagulants
  • Cardiomyopathy
  • Home oxygen