Robotic Surgery

Robotic Surgery

May 12, 2016

Mr Tonkin, Mr Eteuati and Mr McDonald have been trained in the utilisation of the DaVinci robotic platform and applying its advantages to the performance of minimally invasive surgery for colorectal and general surgical procedures. During the training period, they performed hours of simulation work and completed an intensive training course at the Intuitive Surgical headquarters in Atlanta Georgia,USA. Part of this training included specialty specific training in colorectal surgery. Robotic surgery is offered in suitable patients for treatment of rectal prolapse, rectal cancer, colon cancer, incisional and recurrent groin herniae, Inflammatory bowel disease and complicated diverticulitis (eg colovesical fistula).

Mr Tonkin has been accredited at St Andrews Hospital. Mr Tonkin, Mr Eteuati and Mr McDonald have been accredited at Ashford Hospital. Please direct any queries to our rooms or to either Mr Tonkin, Mr Eteuati or Mr McDonald