stomal therapy clinic

Amanda McGee from Stoma Care Services provides our patients pre and post-operative care to patients that experience stomal surgery, reviews patients that experience any concerns with their stoma and also provides wound reviews and wound management.

Amanda McGee

Amanda completing her Bachelor of Nursing at the University of South Australia in 2009, commencing her nursing career at Calvary Wakefield Hospital working across many nursing fields until she found a special interest in colorectal nursing.

In 2012, Amanda completed her Stomal Therapy Nursing Certificate and has worked as a Stomal Therapy Nurse since. Joining the Colorectal Surgery in 2017. In 2022 Amanda established Stoma Care Services.

 Amanda runs the Stomal Therapy Clinic at the Colorectal Surgery on Monday and Thursday. Along with weekly clinics at the stoma Associations of South Australia. Recently also establishing regional clinics. 

Stoma information

A stoma is a surgically created opening acting as an exit for stool and/or urine.  

The word "stoma" comes from the Greek language meaning a mouth or opening. 

There are 3 main types of stomas – colostomy (large colon), ileostomy (small colon) and urostomy (bladder). 

Stomas can be permanent or temporary. 

Patients with stomas work, exercise, play sport, socialise, and maintain regular relationships. Mostly there are a few diet changes and change of toilet routine otherwise general public would not know who has a stoma.    

diet Guidelines