Telehealth utilises video conferencing technology that allows patients in rural communities to access our Specialist for online consultation.

As Colorectal Surgery recognises that remote locations may create barriers for rural patients to access specialist treatment, a telehealth service is available..

The Telehealth Service can be accessed by consulting your GP and coordinating an appointment time with any of our specialists. The consultation will be in conjunction with your GP in the GP practice. Your GP will still be required to provide a referral to the specialist. It is important to know that not all consultations can be performed via telehealth. Some patients may require an examination and therefore a face to face consultation is required.

If your GP practice does not currently have access to telehealth with Colorectal Surgery this can be easily coordinated by contacting our rooms on 08 8267 3355..

Telehealth has been effective in reducing costs and travel times to rural and remote patients. It has also increased access for these patients to specialist services.